Underground Adventure Tour - Secondary Students


For a school excursion your students won't forget descend 85 metres underground! We'll kit you up in overalls, boots, a miner's hat and cap lamp to follow the gold bearing reef formations from Level 2 right down to Level 3, 85 metres underground.

Your students will gain a real insight into how the gold bearing ore was extracted from the mine and the geology associated with the famous Bendigo Saddle Reef formations.

Your students will be mesmerised by the lure of gold and the stronghold that it had over people as they explore the underground tunnels, drifts and stope workings that still contain gold veins. They will even get to climb ladders, work a mine drill and fossick for gold with finder's keepers!

This tour also includes a 'miner's lunch' served in the Underground Function Room where students will get a delicious taste of what life was like working underground.

NB! This tour includes climbing 6 sets of 4 metre ladders from Level 2 down to Level 3 and back up again. If you feel that your group may not be comfortable climbing ladders, then we recommend participating in our
Mine Experience Tour.

What's included:

  • Personal Tour Guide.Underground-Adventure-Tour2
  • Overalls, boots, helmet and cap lamp for each participant.
  • Lunch: Traditional Miner's Pasty and a drink for each participant.
  • Access to explore the surface of the mine after your tour, this is a self-guided experience. Students can try their hand at gold panning for riches, climb the poppet head for one of the best views of Bendigo and explore the treasure trove of vintage mining machinery that is on display. NB! Please allow extra time in your schedule to explore the surface and pan for gold.

What to bring:

  • Thick socks to wear with the boots provided.
  • Underground-Adventure-Tour5It is an average of 16 degrees underground, warmer clothing is recommended.
  • Camera: You won't want to forget this adventure.
  • Pocket money: We have a fantastic gift shop with affordable keep sakes to help your students remember their journey underground.

How much time you should allow for an Underground Adventure Tour:

  • Groups of up to 10: 3 hours min.
  • Groups of up to 20: 3.25 hours min. Group will be split into two.
  • Groups of up to 30: 3.5 hours min. Group will be split into three.
  • Please allow an extra 30-45 minutes if you would like your group to explore the surface of the mine.


$47.00 per student. Teachers complimentary at a ratio of 1:10.
$76.50 for each Adult above the ratio.

For more information or to receive a quote for your next school excursion please phone our Booking Office on
(03) 5443 8255.