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Bendigo is the home of the biggest gold rush in Australian history. During the period from 1851-1954 a staggering 700 000 kilograms of gold was found, which would be worth about $28billion today! Since then and through various means, Bendigo has remained one of the largest producers of gold and is currently the 7th largest producer of the world’s gold.

If the walls could talk
if-the-walls-could-talkCentral Deborah Gold Mine offers a comprehensive teaching resource called 'If the Walls Could Talk'. It was developed with the support of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development's Strategic Partnerships Program with the purpose of supporting the current Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS).

By using the 'If the Walls Could Talk' resource, you will be able to help your students contextualise their past and connect it to the present day. The resource encourages students to explore the norms of the time and discover what it was that made the miners continue to pursue gold despite the often life-threatening conditions under which they worked … and how their sacrifices have positively influenced the world in which we live today.

Of course, the resource is most effectively used in conjunction with a visit to the mine. A visit to the Central Deborah Gold Mine will give your students a unique opportunity to set foot into a functional mine on one of Australia’s most famous gold mining reefs and experience what it was like to be a miner back in the mid-1900s.

The resource contains: pre-visit activities, post-visit activities, on-site activities and teacher's notes.
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Post-visit worksheet
In order to add value to the visit for your group, a post-visit worksheet has been designed to test your student's concentration during the tour. This worksheet can be downloaded here. Teachers wanting to access the answer sheet, as well as expanded answers for each question can request these documents by emailing our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Risk Assessment
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