Currently visitors are able to tour only two levels of Central Deborah Gold Mine, but now it is time to share a little bit more of our story and take our most daring visitors over 200 meters underground.   

As we explored the lower levels of the mine, one thing that became evident is the change in atmosphere, yes it is still dark and you’re still surrounded by rock, but as you walk through the narrow and sometimes wet drives and crosscuts and you see the stope and rise workings where miner’s once chased that ever allusive gold, you get a greater appreciation of what life must have been like working underground and a sense of excitement that maybe it is your turn to strike it rich.

Exploring the lower levels of the mine does leave you wondering what types of characters worked this far underground for a living and what a day in their life would have been like. This led us to develop our new tour. As with any new project of this scale there is a lot of behind the scenes work that needs to be undertaken and we wanted to share this with you.

The gallery below will give you a glimps of the lower levels

The first stage of the underground works for the development of our new tour was the Shaft Project. Find out more...