2010 Gold Panning Champs Wrap Up

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Victorian Gold Panning Championships 2010
Sat 4 December 2010

norm-etchedA day full of fun was had on Saturday 4 December 2010 as Central Deborah Gold Mine hosted the Victorian Gold Panning Championships in partnership with the Victorian Gold Panning Association.  

This was the first time that the Gold Panning Championships have been held in Bendigo and all visitors on the day received free access to the surface area of the mine. With competitors travelling from all parts of the country to compete, the Championships were an event for the whole family that wasn’t to be missed.

The Gold Panning Championships were open to anyone of any age and any skill level and was seen as a stepping stone to the World Championships which will be held in Poland in 2011.

Each heat ran for 10 minutes and the challenge was to ultimately find between 5 - 12 pieces of gold within that time. There were five different categories and congratulations goes out to the following place getters:

  • Children (under 12yrs):
    1st Sebastian Binks
    2nd Milly Ellis
    3rd Mannix Harrington
  • Youths (13-16yrs):
    1st Hamish Cox
    2nd Joel Bernard
    3rd Zac Dohnt
  • Novice:
    1st John McNamara
    2nd Joel Bernard
    3rd Peter Maffey
  • Skilled:
    1st Rodney Melham
    2nd Ian Binks
    3rd Dave Marsh
  • Central Deborah Challenge:
    1st Pee Wee Dempster
    2nd Matt the Tailor
    3rd Peter Cox

The overall winner of the Victorian Gold Panning Championships 2010 was Peter Cox.

For those who weren’t avid gold panners we had a myriad of other activities lined up which catered for visitors of all ages, these activities included:
•    Gold Pour Demonstrations
•    Fossicking Challenges
•    Cage Rider
•    Underground Tours
•    BBQ Lunch: The proceeds of which all went to the Red Cross

Check out some of our photos from the day…


On behalf of Central Deborah Gold Mine and the Victorian Gold Panning Association we would like to thank the following sponsors for their kind contribution to the success of the 2010 Championships.
•    Bendigo Gold World
•    Fosterville Gold Mine
•    Gold & Relics
•    MineLab
•    Bendigo Mining
•    Mine Services Victoria
•    Prospectors and Miner's Association
•    Central Victorian Mobile Cranes
•    KCH Pavers & Garden Suppliers
•    Blackwoods
•    Coiltek Gold Centre