Ray Beer Story Room

ray-beer-story-roomThe Ray Beer Story Room is a joint initiative of the Bendigo Historical Society, Eaglehawk Heritage Society and the Central Deborah Gold Mine.

The room - which is freely accessible to visitors and members of the public - was named after Ray Beer, who was the visionary and driving force behind getting level two of the Central Deborah Gold Mine opened for public tours in 1986.   

The Ray Beer Story Room features changing exhibitions and is currently showcasing ‘The Human Cost of Mining’, a fascinating display which showcases the many risks and dangers miner’s faced in the early years.

The Ray Beer Story Room is also home to a famous working replica of mining equipment called the ‘Kelly Model’. The impressive model was built in the 1890s by Frederick James Kelly at the age of 16 and it took him three years to complete. The model is a true masterpiece, winning a number of awards and continuing to cause a stir amongst visitors. The fact that it is still in working order today, over 110 years later, is a testament to his craftsmanship.

The exhibition is open from 9:30am – 4:30pm 7 days a week.