Archiving - Central Deborah Gold Mine
Visitor holding a gold nugget underground

Archiving Department

Our on-site Archiving Department's sole mission is to preserve and catalogue thousands of documents and artefacts.

The work of our Archiving Department is not only ensuring that the information we convey to our visitors is historically accurate, but it also ensures that the information and artefacts which create a direct link to our golden heritage are protected and available for future generations.

Our Archiving Department is run by a dedicated team of volunteers who have helped to restore and maintain key artefacts in our collection, such as the Kelly Model. The impressive Kelly Model was built in the 1890s by Frederick James Kelly at the age of 16 and it took him three years to complete. The model is a true masterpiece, winning a number of awards and continuing to cause a stir amongst visitors. The fact that it is still in working order today, over 110 years later, is a testament to his craftsmanship. It is currently on display in our Ray Beer Story Room.

Other key artefacts in our collection include three very rare documents dating back to the 1850s; a Gold Licence from 1850, the very first Miner's Right to be issued on the Bendigo Goldfields in 1856 and the very first Store Licence issued in 1854 which were donated by Mr William Gunn. These facsimiles are also on display in our Ray Beer Story Room.