News - Central Deborah Gold Mine

Update regarding Level 9 Tours and Groundwater

Friday 5th August 2022

Central Deborah Gold Mine (CDGM) is a living piece of history which is intrinsically entwined with the city's identity, providing a direct link to our iconic gold rush past. A visit to CDGM offers the unique opportunity to explore the original underground workings and discover what life as a gold miner was really like.

At CDGM we have been working with a range of stakeholders to assist in the development of a long-term solution to the mine-impacted groundwater challenges that Bendigo is currently facing, whilst at the same time ensuring that the future of CDGM is not only secured but given the opportunity to prosper. Mine-impacted groundwater is a complex and challenging issue that not only affects CDGM but has ongoing implications to the livability of Bendigo as a whole.

Over the coming months, CDGM will be raising its pumping infrastructure from Level 10(approx. 246 meters underground) to just below Level 4 (approx. 130 meters underground). This will result in the water table rising within the underground workings, significantly reducing the volume of groundwater needed to be removed and in turn requiring treatment. Raising the water level will also have long term benefits to groundwater quality. The changes will also mean that CDGM will no longer be offering the Level 9 tour. The Level 9 tour has not operated for over 2 years as a result of COVID and the financial viability of the tour. These changes allow CDGM to focus on enhancing our underground tour offering on Levels 2 and 3 of the mine, as well as our above ground experiences. We believe this will allow us to invest and improve our product offering whilst also ensuring the safety of our visitors and customers whilst underground.