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Every corner you turn in Bendigo reveals another living treasure and another vivid reminder of the city's gold rush past

Whether it is the outrageous opulence of a boomtown hotel, or the simple piety of a timber church. The best 19th century cities combine grand scale and fine detail and there are few better than Bendigo.

Many of Victoria’s cities and towns owe their origins to the gold rushes of the 19th century and Bendigo is one of them. Gold was no temporary lure to this city located right in the centre of Victoria – its attractions were more than just skin deep. In fact there was very little gold on the surface at all. Most of it was far underground in rich quartz reefs stretching out over 3,600 hectares around the city.

The influence of the gold rush can be felt in the very fabric of the city. Bendigo owes its broad and regular boulevards to the ambitious town plan prepared in 1854. Other streets follow the paths beaten by fossickers as they followed gullies and leads in search of gold. The city’s ostentatious public buildings and gardens attest to the flamboyance of the gold rush era. So do the richly decorated private homes.

A true Bendigo highlight is the range of quality experiences and things to do. Our major attractions are diverse and exciting. With a great emphasis on interaction, our attractions offer enrichment and experiences that will be treasured forever.

Bendigo spoils visitors with accommodation options. There is something to suit all styles, needs and budgets. An abundance of quality motels, caravan parks, serviced apartments, self-contained cottages and B&Bs make for an easy and enjoyable stay.

The sense of discovery that was once achieved by striking gold, can now be felt by stepping into any one of the dining treasures in Bendigo. Established restaurants and wineries with great reputations are set amongst new and vibrant eateries, produce shops and vineyards offering innovation and diversity.

Looking for accommodation in Bendigo?

The following Bendigo Accommodation providers can also arrange your Central Deborah Gold Mine experience for you from their reception:

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 Alternatively, visit www.bendigotourism.com