Facilities and Accessibility - Central Deborah Gold Mine
Central Deborah Gold Mine visitor holding a gold nugget

Facilities and Accessibility

At Central Deborah Gold Mine, we are dedicated to ensuring easy access and inclusivity for all visitors to our attraction. The following information is provided to assist with any questions you may have about your upcoming visit.

Pass Carers and Companions
Anyone accompanying a person holding a valid Companion Card, will receive complimentary entry to our Mine Experience Tour. Anyone holding a valid Carer Card will receive concession rates. Please present your card to the reception staff upon arrival.
 Pass Mobility
Our reception area, the surface of the mine, and the Mine Experience Tour are all wheelchair accessible. 
Above ground
The surface of the mine contains various types of surfaces and terrain, including uneven gravel, stone, and gradient inclines. 

Access underground for our Mine Experience Tour is via an industrial lift. The underground surface is flat, however, there may be puddles. We have a wheelchair available to borrow upon request.

Prams can be used in our reception area and on the surface of the mine. However, prams cannot be taken underground. You are more than welcome to leave them with us at reception.


Visual Impairments
Central Deborah Gold Mine welcomes all assistance animals and guide dogs, in accordance with section 9 of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth).

We suggest contacting us prior to your visit to discuss any arrangements or assistance you may need in relation to this.

Central Deborah Gold Mine is a dog friendly venue! All dogs are welcomed and embraced at our attraction. However, only certified assistance animals are allowed to venture underground.  

Central Deborah Gold Mine welcomes guests who have sensory sensitivities. Our attraction can be quite busy, with varying levels of noise and visual stimulation throughout the area. 

Social Script
We have prepared a social script for the Mine Experience Tour to help aid those with additional sensory concerns, which can be found here.

Toilets and family facilities
An accessible toilet, as well as baby change facilities are situated on the surface of the mine. Please see one of our friendly staff for directions.
Car, bus and disabled parking is available at the rear of Central Deborah Gold Mine in Creek Street North. Additional parking is also available across the creek on Creek Street South.

Translation Sheets
Translation Sheets are available for the Mine Experience Tour in French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Italian, Spanish and English. Translation Sheets are available for the Safety Briefing Video in French, Chinese, Hindi, and English.

Please see one of our friendly reception staff upon arrival so we can assist.

For further questions or concerns regarding accessibility at Central Deborah Gold Mine, please contact us!